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Basic laboratory quality assurance for PhD-projects, 1,5 credits

The course is planned to include about 4 days with 4 hours of lectures and in total 2-3 practical exercises. One day will be used for preparing and discussing lab quality aspects in the student’s own lab work.
After completing the course the student should be able to:

  • Explain how a basic validation of a laboratory method, for example an ELISA, including determination of inter- and intra-assay variation, linearity and recovery should be performed and be able to interpret the results.
  • Describe how their study design and laboratory work should be planned to minimize the effects of inter/intra assay imprecision and/or limited linearity.
  • Explain and evaluate meaning and relevance of limit of detection, limit of quantification, limit of blank.
  • Use pipettes in a correct way for accurate measurement of substances, including cleaning and control weighing.
  • Write a good standard operation procedure (SOP) and “Lab Diary” and describe the purpose and effects these routines may have on their laboratory work.
  • Extent:
    1,5 credits

    Admitted to a postgraduate program in veterinary medicine, animal science or to a residency or other training program in veterinary science.

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