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Pharmacodynamics from an in vivo perspective, 5 credits

The purpose of this course is to provide in depth knowledge on in vivo pharmacodynamics. Lectures cover principles of different pharmacodynamic models for handling of pharmacodynamic biomarker data obtained from animals and man. The lectures, seminars and computer lab exercises cover the interplay between physiology and pharmacodynamics. Target mediated drug disposition on large molecules and antibody turnover are covered in lectures and computer simulation sessions.
The participants will apply their acquired knowledge during seminars and computer sessions with respect to design, analysis and interpretation of pharmacodynamic data from animals and humans. Typical real life Case Studies are discussed in small groups during the course.
Each participant will get a copy of the Maxsim2 program on a USB-stick with a 3-month trial period.

5 credits

To be eligible for the course the equivalent of 180 higher education credits within one of the following programs: Veterinary- (including residency candidates), pharmacy-, general science (in chemistry, biology or physics), chemical/biotechnology engineering-, medical- or toxicology programs.

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